New Nissan GT-R 2024 Dimensions, Models, Engine

New Nissan GT-R 2024 Dimensions, Models, Engine – The Nissan GT-R is no longer “mature.” Aside from a few newer rivals like the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Mercedes-AMG GTC Coupe, the Nissan GT-evolution R has been untouched since its 2007 debut. The car’s primary engine is a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 with 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque.

A six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission distributes power to all four wheels. Fast is fast, no matter how ancient the mechanism that makes it possible is. That’s still outrageously fast. Will a car like the GT-scorching R be fast enough to be considered in 2024? Considering that the 911 Turbo is just as quick, we’re unsure.

2024 Nissan GT-R Redesign
2024 Nissan GT-R Redesign

2024 Nissan GT-R Redesign

The Track Edition of the 2024 Nissan GT-R will no longer be available in 2024, reducing the number of variants in the new GT-R lineup. Since the 50th Anniversary Edition was only made for the 2020 model year, this option is no longer available. Despite this, there are some bright spots. The 50th Anniversary edition of the R34 Skyline GT-Bayside R’s Blue paint is now available on the ordinary Premium trim of this Nissan GT-R, as well.

Nissan significantly improved the turbos, gearbox, and suspension of the GT-R to make it more competitive on the racetrack. It’s possible that these enhancements are what keep the car from changing until 2024. Although no new GT-R has been announced, we may have to settle for this one.


The 2024 Nissan GT-R-mission is centered on achieving the pinnacle of excellence. R’s’ The inside of the building reflects this, with a layout that has remained mostly constant since its creation. In terms of material quality, however, these items have only advanced since their original release. A preference for buttons over touch-sensitive screens can still be seen throughout the car, which isn’t a terrible thing. It’s like the Porsche 911’s two back seats can only fit a grocery bag.

In this shot, the GT-R clearly shows that the driving experience is the most important consideration. In spite of this, it was created prior to the widespread use of screens. An Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel is only one of the luxury features on the inside of the new Nismo model. As a cabin that doesn’t pamper passengers, it also lets the driver focus on his or her most important responsibility: driving.


As of this writing, the current 2024 Nissan GT-R lineup consists only of the most extreme Nismo models. Despite being a step up in terms of luxury and performance, the GT-R premium nevertheless delivers a powerful punch. The engine is a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that provides the power. When you drive the GT-R, you know you’re not in a typical supercar. It makes you feel like you’re in control of something far more special. You can tell it’s handmade because of how rough it is.

In every gear and under any circumstance, the car accelerates violently and brazenly. When you’re pulled over for speeding, you won’t be able to claim that you didn’t notice you were doing so due to the noise and mechanical engagement of the vehicle. In its early days, the GT-R was criticized for being too digital and lacking in character.

2024 Nissan GT-R Release Date
2024 Nissan GT-R Release Date

2024 Nissan GT-R Release Date and Price

The 2024 Nissan GT-R features a single base price and a wide range of options. When comparing the Nismo model to the so-called basic model, the MSRP is $113,540 before the $1,795 shipping and handling tax. A Nissan GT-R may be had for a little over $122,600, including destination, if you don’t want to spend the extra money.