Nissan Z 2024 Redesign Colors, Release Date, Price

Nissan Z 2024 Redesign Colors, Release Date, Price – The Nissan Z is one of the last naturally-aspirated sports cars. This is due to the Nissan Z’s strong sense of tradition, or “crudeness,” some may call it. Consequently, the Nissan Z has changed little over the years. Even though it has been on the market for more than a decade, the compact two-door coupe has not changed significantly in the 50th anniversary year of the Z-car.

Although the Nissan Z 2024 is renowned for its simplicity, it has been around for a very long time, and its age is difficult to overlook. Notably, compared to other vehicles in its class, such as the Toyota GR Supra. The Z has the same 3.7-liter V6 engine as the regular Nissan Z, but it has been tuned to send 350 horsepower and 276 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission or an optional seven-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Nissan Z Release Date
2024 Nissan Z Release Date

2024 Nissan Z Redesign

A 50th Anniversary Edition has been added to the regular Nissan Z 2024 lineup. It derives from the Z Sport trim. The Z has not undergone any significant changes for the new year. Either it’s time to retire the Z Coupe alongside its Z Roadster sibling, or it needs a thorough redesign. Utilizing current technology, cutting-edge construction methods, and cutting-edge features does not benefit the Z brand. It has HID bi-functional xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights with black arrowhead headlight bezels.

The front fascia comprises deeply sculpted metal and features an integrated chin spoiler with Z-red accent stripes that lead to distinctive side sill protectors. The 19-inch Z forged aluminum RAYS wheels fill the wheel arches, while LED taillights and a rear ducktail spoiler accentuate the rear view.


An interior examination reveals Z’s advanced age. The cockpit of a vehicle that has not been upgraded since 2009 resembles that of a commercial airplane, with several instruments, dials, and buttons strewn across the dashboard and center console. On the other hand, the functions are easy to understand, and the controls are set up to make everything easy for the driver to reach.

Even though it’s been around for a while, the Z’s build quality is excellent. Its interior features leather seats with Alcantara inserts and only a few hard-touch plastics. Seat comfort is satisfactory. They are on the stiffer side, with supportive padding intended to aid job performance. The interior is spacious, but there is only a little armrest in the middle to separate the seats. People will occasionally brush elbows because there is only a tiny central armrest.

Overall, the Z’s cabin is spacious enough for tall adults. Due to the limited adjustability of the seats and steering wheel, it can be difficult to establish the optimal driving posture. Recaro racing seats are difficult to enter and exit because they are so low-slung. They are quite supportive and comfy, but not ideal for lengthy drives.


The Z utilizes the standard Nissan Z’s 3.7-liter V6 engine, which has been tweaked to produce 18 more horsepower and 6 lb-ft of torque than the standard vehicle. The total output is now 350 horsepower and 276 pound-feet. A Z 2.4-inch cat-back exhaust system that costs $1,850 can be added to the powerplant for an additional 5.3 horsepower and 2.5 pound-feet of torque, as well as a more aggressive sound. As unrefined as the Z’s V6 engine is, it’s been around for years and is one of the reasons why the Z is so thrilling and unrefined.

The Z’s standard six-speed manual transmission is advantageous due to its SynchroRev Match function, which automatically blips the throttle to make downshifts more seamless. Because the optional seven-speed automatic transmission is so sluggish and clumsy, the vehicle is not at all enjoyable to drive. It removes the driver from the Z’s intended level of involvement. Traditionalists would undoubtedly concur that the manual is the superior option.

2024 Nissan Z Redesign
2024 Nissan Z Redesign

2024 Nissan Z Release Date and Price

The basic pricing of the Nissan Z 2024 remains the same as in 2019 at $45,790. If you desire an automatic transmission, you must spend an additional $1,400. This price excludes tax, registration, and license costs, as well as Nissan’s $895 delivery and handling fee. There are no special packages for the Z, although you may purchase several performance and aesthetic upgrades and accessories. If you wish to get a fully-equipped Z, the base price will increase to almost $50,000.